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Four to Ten and Back Again
We can still harbor old resentments even when we thought we were over them. They can appear when we least expect but when they do, we need to take action.

Sobriety Takes Work
There is no cure for addiction yet the belief that prescription drugs work to keep the alcoholic sober is alive and well. It is not that easy.

How and Why the 12 Steps Work
Can a person be released from an addiction through self-help, psychiatry, or medication? Here are reasons how and why 12 Step Recovery programs have been successful for over 50 years. If you have already tried these steps and you feel they didn't work, try again!

When is Enough, Enough?
Everyone who wants to recover needs a sponsor. To sponsor is an honor but how long do you have to work with someone who doesn't seem to want it?

Our Recovery Support
Recovery requires that we get some type of encouragement and support from our family and friends. The way you want that to happen is not always the way it works.

To The People That Matter
This is a personal message to all of you because throughout the last few years you have all been very important to me. God has certainly done for me what I could never have done for myself.

Most of our family and friends know of our addiction but how about those who don't? Who do you tell about your recovery? It's a personal decision but one we all must make.

Gambling, Prison, and Pain
A new gambling treatment center for women; connecting with a prisoner; and saying "no" to pain medication.

Fear and Resentments
We may be uncomfortable about our first attempt at Steps 4 and 5 but we know these are a "must". Yet, I have found that some postpone these because they are in fear that their resentments will be with them forever and the steps will have been done in vain.

Contempt Prior to Investigation
Every now and then it is my honor to have a guest writer. It gives me an opportunity to sit back and take it easy for a week but more important it gives me the chance to read and reflect on the words of another alcoholic being of service. I think you will enjoy this article.

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