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Celebrating Recovery
The day we were able to stay sober for good (yes, it's still one day at a time), is celebrated as one of the most important days of the year. Maybe it is THE most important.

Anonymity is a fact of 12 Step recovery. Tradition Eleven addresses this principle but how do we make it personal? What does it mean to you on a daily basis?

The Gifts of Sobriety
Each one of us in recovery has received gifts of sobriety. These come to us in many different ways. The important thing is to recognize each one as a gift from God as you understand Him.

Feeling Fearless
We talk a lot in recovery about courage and fear. Is it possible to feel courage but remain in fear over the little things in life?

Grateful Recovery
Many addicts talk about being grateful to be an addict. I can't say that for myself but I am tremendously grateful for my recovery. Become a part of the Grateful Recovery group.

Living Sober
Regardless of how long we have been sober, socializing and sobriety can test us. We have to remember that everyone has a choice and ours is to not pick up no matter how we feel.

Do Meeting Makers Make It?
The phrase is "meeting makers make it" but there is so much more to a 12 Step program. Seven meetings a week will not keep a person sober for long if they don't work a solid program.

Reflecting on Amends
We may have formally taken Steps 8 and 9 but there may be certain people that prompt us to think twice about the amends we made and is there anything more to say.

Practicing Principles
We always talk about principles and practicing them means we get the opportunity to work on them every day. You can focus on specific principles when you work the steps if you know what they are.

Losing Identity
There are a number of ways to lose our identities. Addiction is one of them. The solution, though, to finding our true selves again, is in working the Twelve Steps.

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