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Pass It On the Way It Is
The literature of Alcoholics Anonymous may sound dated. The beauty of this and other 12 Step recovery programs is that they work if we work them. Would we really want to change it all just to reflect a new millenium?

A New Freedom
Our Higher Power, sponsor, and honesty are the main ingredients to a successful Step 5. We will never be perfect but we can begin to practice the principles that will give us peace and serenity.

Be the Master of Your Destiny
Each day we have choice. Will we do what we can to make it a good day? Or will we revert back to old behaviors and blame someone else. We know we are not perfect but we can control our own destiny.

Completing the Circle
Finding a sponsor can be challenging but having a sponsor is vital to recovery. There is a special person out there for you and all you have to do is want what they have and ask the question, "Will you be my sponsor?"

The Bondage of Self
No matter how long we are in recovery or how strong we thing our program is, our humanity sometimes gets in the way of peace and serenity. It is truly the "bondage of self".

Responsible Online Recovery
There is a tremendous amount of information online for recovering addicts. We need to be responsible and careful about advice we receive and also the advice we give in a chat room, blog, or forum

Pay It Forward
Paying it forwards is to give someone a "gift" you have received. We have all been given the gift of recovery. Now I invite you to share your story so that addicts, their families and friends may be offered hope and a solution. Help me pay it forward!

Divine Timing
No one can make a person recover from an addiction. The person must want it above everything else. There's more to it than that, though. It really is all about our Higher Power and Divine Timing.

Let It Begin With Me
When we begin a 12 Step recovery Program, either willingly or unwillingly, we come to accept Step One. That is the beginning. But it is our responsibility to help others. We can't wait. It has to begin with us; each one of us individually in some way.

Romancing Alcohol
Articles and research sometimes do little to cite the dangers of alcohol. As a matter of fact, it seems that there is more written about promoting drinking than ever before. Is there really any benefits for anyone other than the alcohol industry?

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