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Women In Recovery
There is no addiction that encompasses only men or only women. Addiction(s) are not discriminating in any way. But women in recovery do have something very special...each other!

A Daily Focus
All of those daily prayer and meditation books we buy are great. But did you ever think about creating your own daily focus and making it what you really need? Every now and then it is a healthy alternative.

Denial is what keeps most folks away from recovery. We work Step One and we admit we are powerless over our addiction. But what about that defect that won't go away? Is it really a defect or are we denying that it is another addiction?

Progress Not Perfection
We love the phrase "progress not perfection". We have worked hard to rid ourselves of the need to be perfect. But do we truly mean it the way it was intended or do we use it as an excuse for old bevaviors?

Holiday Sobriety
The holidays can be a slippery slope for those of us in recovery. Nothing is more important than our sobriety but we can attend those holiday parties safely and have fun.

Codependency and Detachment - A Book Review
The Twelve Steps of any recovery program are almost identical but the way we personalize them are different. This book helped me look at codependency and boundaries in a fresh, new way.

Serenity and Dimes
Serenity and dimes have nothing in common most of the time. Recovery has brought both to me in ways determined only by my Higher Power. May you discover your serenity and maybe a dime or two in your journey.

The Stories in the Big Book
The Big Book is the blueprint and the textbook for most of us in recovery. Don't overlook the forty-two stories. These personalize the steps, show how the program works and proves there is a solution.

Tradition Ten and Controversy
Holding on to Tradition Ten is part of what keeps us coming back. Every fellowship should be a safe haven where we leave all controversial issues at the door.

A Time of Trouble
We are living in troubled times. No matter how long or how strong we are in our recovery, our humanness makes us vulnerable to the pressures of life. In these times, we need each other more than ever.

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