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A Life You Could Only Imagine
We hear that sobriety gives us a life we can only imagine! It is different for each of us. When we finally find "it", we can only be in gratitude and say "God is good!"

Who Am I
Asking the question "Who Am I" can be daunting. We are more than titles and character traits (good and bad). Answering this question can be the beginning of knowing who we want to be.

Sobriety is Gratitude
Anyone can talk about gratitude but no can understand gratitude more than an addict in recovery. Sobriety is synonymous with gratitude.

Step Five Today
No matter how many times we study a step we find something meaningful. Or sometimes we are reminded of how we felt and worked the step for the first time.

To Our Moms
We celebrate our mothers one day a year. I would like to dedicate the entire month to them and to focus on the relationships we share or have shared with them. Men, this is for you, too. A son-mother relationship may be different but moms are still moms.

Tradition Five and Any Lengths
Tradition Five states the groups primary purpose. But what can we do as individuals to carry the message? Does going to "any lengths" to stay sober include reaching out to others? Has your "any lengths" changed in recovery?

No one in recovery can afford to be arrogant and believe they will never relapse. But why some people get a taste of sobriety and continue to go in and out any number of times still evades me. I understand it yet can't comprehend it. It's about being human. It has to be.

Stuck in Recovery
The pink cloud has long gone and you work a good program. The only problem is that you are "stuck". Where is the happy, joyous, and free you are waiting for?

Being Human
Not everyone in recovery has a kind and peaceful nature. Once we accept the fact that we are all still human, we can continue our journey in peace and acceptance.

Revealing Recovery
How private is your recovery? When, why and to whom do you reveal your addiction? When necessary I prefer to reveal my recovery not my addiction. Recovery is the good news and evidence I am living in the now.

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