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Know the Constitution
Why it is so important to know the Constitution. This article provides a brief overview of it.

Media's Influence on Political Beliefs
How the media influences political beliefs and how we are able to selectively choose what we are influenced by.

History of the National Independent Party
The history of the National Independent Party and what they stand for.

Immigration Crackdown in Arizona
The latest news on the immigration crackdown in the state of Arizona.

Why An Oil Spill Is Really Bad News
An oil spill is really bad news for more than one reason. The spill itself could spell disaster but it also takes our eyes off the other important issues surrounding our nation.

Media Barred From Protests
The media has been barred from protests at the White House, with some saying that freedom of the press has been infringed upon.

Will There Be a New Third Party Creation?
Are we on the verge of seeing a new third party creation? The Tea Party just might be this country's new third party.

What Is the Platform for the Independent Party?
The platform to the Independent Party is built on several issues but the underlying foundation is with the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.

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