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Magnesium and conception
As women, we hear a lot about how important calcium is to our health, especially our bones, but perhaps more important is magnesium. Magnesium also plays a role in conception.

Medication no-nos and conception
There are some medications that are definite "no-nos" when you're trying to conceive because they are so dangerous to a developing baby.

Metformin and conception
Metformin (brand name Glucophage) is approved for type II diabetes. Like many drugs, though, it has found other uses besides that for which it is approved. One such use is for women with PCOS who wish to get pregnant.

Milk thistle and conception
Milk thistle is an intimidating looking plant with its sharp leaves and stalk. But its pretty purple flowers help redeem it, and the fact that it makes a useful product, silymarin, is also in its favor.

Missing a Period - Am I Pregnant?
So Auntie Flow didn't show up on time, should you worry? Periods can be late for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is stress.

Missing period and conception
How long should you wait to test for pregnancy?

More on B6 and conception
It can never be easy, can it? We have talked about B6 or pyridoxine before, but just taking B6 may not cut it for some women. How do you know if you are one of them?

Morning intercourse and conception
Does time of day matter when you're trying to conceive? Not really.

NSAIDS and conception
Some of us use drugs like ibuprofen regularly for muscle pain, but perhaps you should avoid it if you want to conceive. It may delay or prevent ovulation and also inhibit implantation.

October Baby and conception
When does life begin? Conception? Birth? The movie "October Baby" presents a different take on the abortion discussion--what about the babies who survive abortion?

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