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Conception and IVF

Conception and probiotics
Probiotics have been around forever, but we didn't necessarily know we were eating them--foods like kimchi, yogurt, and kefir are naturally full of probiotics. They may make a difference for conception.

Conception attempts
How many times should you try to get pregnant before you give up? That's a really tough question. Listen to your heart.

Conception Calendar Basics
It really is amazing that, despite the fact that women menstruate pretty much every 28-35 days, we often know little about our fertile days. This is how many unintended pregnancies occur! And for those struggling with conceiving, this may also be why that is not working.

Conception Calendar Basics
Understanding the menstrual cycle will help you pinpoint your fertile days.

Conception in future generations
As much as you may be worried about conceiving now, you ought to think also about your children's ability to conceive. This can be affected by what you eat while pregnant, and then what you feed them once they're born.

Conception in the Middle Ages
Centuries ago and an entirely different way of life, conception in the Middle Ages was largely a mystery. If a woman couldn't get pregnant, she was to blame. And like some cultures today, a son was highly prized.

Conception on the pill
Can you conceive while taking the pill? The answer is yes, and I personally know several women who did. What went wrong?

Conception services in other countries
Medical tourism includes fertility services. As stressful as it can be to go through fertility treatments, like IVF, what is it like to go to another country for that?

Conception smoothie
I developed what I call a "conception smoothie" that is healthy for anyone, but offers some great nutrition for women trying to get pregnant (or who already are).

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