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Did I ovulate?
Depending on the source, it is estimated that perhaps all women do not ovulate at least one cycle per year. How do you know you ovulated?

Dill weed and conception
Dill weed is an herb that is high in nutrients, but it's not helpful for conception. However, it's not something you have to avoid if you're trying to conceive.

Do you love someone who is infertile?
If you know someone who is infertile or going through fertility treatments, do you know the right things to say and do? Probably not, so perhaps this book can help you understand your friend or sister.

Doctor, are you listening?
I was sent the book, "Doctor, are you listening? A couple's struggle to find the right infertility doctor," to review by the author, Dr. Masood Khatamee. His co-author, Linda Perelman Pohl, was an infertility patient herself decades ago, and she details her experiences.

Does adopting boost conception?
Have you heard that women who adopt soon after find themselves pregnant? Where did that idea come from and is it true?

Donor egg and conception
While I am all for women having options for having children, I object to the mainstream media's proclamations that women can have their own babies even in their late forties or fifties! Unless they underwent IVF when they were younger and had frozen embryos, they're probably using donor eggs.

Donor egg recipient pregnancy
Choosing to use a donor egg for pregnancy is an option for women who cannot use their own eggs. What is involved?

Douching with conception
Think about it...if it were this simple, nobody would bother with birth control. Douching is not an effective means of birth control.

Eating greens and conception
Sometimes it's hard to eat your vegetables, but there is a quick way to add some greens to your diet. The antioxidants and vitamins can be a big boost to conception.

Eating organic food for conception
Can eating organic help you conceive? Anything that makes you healthier can help.

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