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Egg examination and conception
Evaluating a woman’s eggs is not so easy since obtaining them is invasive. Furthermore, once you have the eggs in a lab, just looking at them doesn’t tell anybody much.

Endometriosis and conception
Endometriosis can affect your fertility--know what you are facing

Epsom salts and conception
Epsom salts are magnesium sulfate salts. Added to a foot soak or bath, your skin will actually absorb magnesium. If you're deficient, this can be a way to get magnesium, and your skin won't absorb more than you need. Anyone for a bath?

Essential oils and fertility
Fragrances can contain a lot of chemicals that are actually bad for fertility, but some essential oils can actually help you conceive.

Evening Primrose Oil and Conception
Evening Primrose Oil (EPO) has been a popular conception aid for years. Research doesn't show much efficacy, however. And there are times of the month that it is definitely not a good idea.

Excess estrogen effect on conception
Excess estrogen in our foods is causing havoc with fertility. Estrogen is one of the female hormones, but too much of it doesn't make you "more" of a woman--it is not a good thing.

Faith and conception
If you're not a religious person, conception is purely a chemical event. But the fact is that if that were true, then scientists would be able to make embryos in the lab. They can't.

Fasting and conception
Fasting is a great way to lose weight, detoxify or cleanse your body, and its even something required for some religious observances. Intermittent fasting, which is a daily fast, can improve your health in many ways, but not if you're trying to conceive.

Fenugreek and Conception
Fenugreek is a plant native to India, North Africa and the Mediterranean. It has been used to treat halitosis, stomachaches, bloating, burns, and to increase breast milk production. That last use is probably its most important.

Fertility is a gift wasted on the young
It is sad but true that your most fertile days are probably when you want to be least fertile. You can push that envelope, however, by how you live.

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