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Charlie Sheen Files For Divorce
Charlie sheen and Brooke Mueller file for divorce.

Comedians celebrate legendary George Carlin
Comedians celebrate legendary George Carlin's birthday last night at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood. Why do we love to laugh? Is laughter truly the best medicine?

Comedy Awards 2012 Nominations Announced
The Second Annual Comedy Awards will be filmed on April 28th and aired on Comedy Central on May 6, 2012. Nominations have just been announced.

Comedy Central launches OnionSportsNetwork.com
Comedy Central and the Onion announce multi-platinum partnership with the launch of onionsportsnetwork.com.

Comedy Central records hottest summer in history
Comedy Central records hottest summer in history with record ratings and delivery.

Dance Immersion features Baby Boyz on March 24
Dance Immersion features Baby Boyz Dance Group in 2011 Annual Showcase in Toronto, Ontario on March 24-26.

Dancing With The Stars Season 13
The new line-up for Dancing With The Stars has people really talking and worried that the family-friendly show has stepped over the line.

Despicable Me 2 will make you laugh
Despicable Me 2 does justice to the original blockbuster that became the tenth biggest animated motion picture in U.S. history.

Disney's Maleficent offers magic
Disney's Maleficent introduces an elegant, sexy villain to a new generation.

Documentary Teenage Paparazo Debuts Sept 27
Adrian Grenier turns the cameras on the paparazzi in the documentary "Teenage Paparazzo", debuting September 27 on HBO.

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