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Slave Insurance
As I researched topics to write about I came across the issue of insuring slaves. I was surprised that this was the first time I had came across this. As I talked to my friends who were researching their African American ancestors, they also knew very little about slavery insurance.

Social Security Numbers
Social Security Numbers - What are they?

Sources Can Have Errors
An important part of family research is documenting your family’s important life events. While looking at sources you have collected for your families you are researching, be careful when using the data on these forms. Even primary sources have been known to have errors.

Starting a Family Newsletter
A family newsletter is one way to help keep families closer. It is a way for parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts and uncles, cousins and close friends to know what is happening in your life.

Steps to Naturalization
Depending on the time of your ancestor’s arrival, knowing the steps for naturalization records can give you the precise date and port of arrival.

Steve Irwin, an Inspiration
Steve Irwin was an inspiration to all people. His deep love for family, wildlife and the environment was apparent in everything he did throughout his life. His life will be remembered, but what about our family's legacy?

Stories From the Past, Do You Know Them?
The stories from the past of your ancestors, do you know them? Do you know your grandma’s maiden name? Do you know how she met your grandpa? Now is the time to ask those questions.

Styles of Dress Timeline
The styles of dress has changed for women over the years. What we are wearing now is probably NOT what our ancestors wore at our age. Take a look at styles of dress our female ancestor’s may have worn in this timeline.

Surname Suggestion List Review
The Surname Suggestion List is a new tool to aid in genealogy research. The first release was in June 2007, so you can be among the first to take advantage of this new genealogy site.

Tennessee State Library & Archives Website Review
I recently attended a seminar on the TN State Library & Archives given by Chuck Sherrill. I did not realize until this lecture how many resources it provides. Here are a few of their collections you can take advantage of!

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