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Practice Golf at Home
You can work on your golf game at home and get improved performance on the course without joining the gym or buying expensive equipment.

Proper Golf Attire
Golf is a game of traditions which includes proper attire and you may not be allowed on the course if you are not dressed according to the often strict and conservative guidelines.

Putting from the Fringe
When you find that your approach shot didn’t end up on the green there is still an opportunity to consider hitting the next ball as a putt with good success even if you’re on the fringe.

Putting Tips
The most important thing in your golf game is not necessarily how long you hit your driver but rather how good you finish on the green once you get there.

Rules for Using a Ball Marker
A ball marker is typically used on the putting green to spot a ball so that it can be removed when in the line of another player, but how to mark the ball, and what object to use, are not so well defined.

Slow Day on the Golf Course
There’s nothing worse than going out for an enjoyable round of golf and coming back 6+ hours later frustrated by slow play of everyone ahead of you.

The Arnold Palmer Drink
You may know Arnold Palmer, or Arnie, as an accomplished professional golfer, but did you also know that you could order an Arnie at the restaurant and enjoy his favorite drink. The next time you’re looking for a refreshing summer drink, order an Arnie.

The Short Game
Golf isn’t all about hitting the ball as far as you can because you also need to manage the shorter distances before you get to the green and those shots can be from the fairway, the rough and the sand.

Tis the Golfing Season
Thanksgiving is upon us and Christmas is right around the corner. There’s so much to be grateful for this holiday season and especially for the golfer in your family.

Top 5 Reasons to Golf
A round of golf can take almost the whole day and it may seem like a waste of time but there are many great reasons to spend a couple hours out on the course.

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