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Sorority Row review
A review of the recent slasher horror, 'Sorority Row.' A group of girls who cover up a murder get stalked by a killer with a grudge eight months later.

Splatter movie horror
A look at how ´Splatter movies´ are becoming more and more common in mainstream horror, with their depictions of torture, mutilation and sadism, do they have a rightful place in the genre, or are they going too far?

Stephen King movies
A run down of the best Stephen King movie adaptations, starting with Carrie and Cujo.

Stephen King Movies
There isn´t room in one article to thoroughly review all the movies based on Stephen King´s work. A brief sampling of several are included here to point out the variety of topics these movies cover and some of my personal favorites.

Stephen King's movie success
Discusses Stephen King´s work in film, concentrating on Carrie, CUJO and The Shining.

Stephen King's movie success
Discusses Stephen King’s work in film, concentrating on Carrie, CUJO and The Shining.

Steve Newburn Interview Special Effects Artist
Second part of my interview with SFX and VFX artist, Steve Newburn

Steve Newburn SFX Alien Resurrection
Final Part (fourth part) of my interview with SFX movie artist and VFX movie artist, Steve Newburn. Here we discuss 'Alien Resurrection', the fourth movie in the 'Alien' trilogy.

Steve Newburn SFX Interview
Next part of my interview with SFX/VFX artist, Steve Newburn, here we discuss 'The Dark Knight' (Including the Joker's chase scene) and Harvey Dent/Two Face's transformation)plus a missing scene involving Rachael, we also discuss 'Spider-Man 2', Steve's work in TV (Nip/Tuck) and more.

Steve Newburn Special Effects Artist Interview
Interview with Special Effects and Visual Effects artist, Steve Newburn, who has worked on hundreds of film and TV shows including the ‘Spider-man’ movie trilogy, ‘Alien Resurrection’, ‘Stigmata’, ‘Blade 2’, ‘Rose Red’, ‘The X Files’, ‘The Outer Limits’, ‘Cursed’ and 'The Dark Knight.'

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