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The Howling DVD Review
Before Gremlins and Small Soldiers, director Joe Dante made this cool entry into the werewolf genre, recently re-released as an extra´s packed 2 disc DVD. Read about it here.

The Human Centipede Review
'The Human Centipede’ is one of the most talked about horror movies of current, it's sick, it's twisted, and I watched it. What is a human centipede? Read this to find out, oh, and bring your sick bucket...

The Invasion
A review of the movie, ´The Invasion´ based on Jack Finney´s classic novel, ´The Body Snatchers´, this time, starring the fantastic Nicole Kidman, and Daniel Craig as two people fighting to save their humanity from alien ´body snatchers.´

The Last House on the Left re-make and original
A compare and contrast of ‘The Last House on the Left’ 72 compared with its newer, 2009 re-make. What does the new movie have to offer compared to the original? I take a look at both.

The Loved Ones Horror Review
A review of the brilliant, but barely heard of Australian horror/thriller - 'The Loved Ones.' Starring Xavier Samuel (from 'Twilight:Eclipse) as a boy who gets kidnapped by the psychotic Robin McLeavy when he wont go to the prom with her. The movie is great & keeps you on the edge of your seat.

The Omen franchise
A look at ´The Omen´ movie franchise, looking at the original movie and ´Damien: Omen II.´

The Omen Franchise 666
Review of the rest of ´The Omen´ franchise, including parts 3 and 4, and the re-make starring Julia Stiles.

The Original Video Nasty Banned List
The full list of ´video nasties´ and the 39 movies that were prosecuted and banned in the UK.

The Poltergeist Trilogy Curse
I take a look at the first Spielberg/Hooper classic, Poltergeist, starring Heather O'Rourke, Craig T. Nelson and JoBeth Williams. Also, the curse surounding it and the forthcoming shot for shot re-make.

The Popularity of Horror Films
Do you ever get embarrassed for liking horror movies? Or are you made to feel that horror films aren't an art form worth respect? Read on to find out what horror movies really do, and just why they're so popular.

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