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Waxwork (1988)
A look back at this fun eighties classic, Waxwork, starring Zach Galligan and Deborah Foreman.

Wes Craven's Deadly Friend
A look at the Wes Craven classic fantasy horror, 'Deadly Friend' starring Kristy Swanson and Mathew Laborteaux. Based on the novel 'Friend' by Diana Henstell.

Wes Craven's New Nightmare
A look at post-modern horror, looking at Wes Craven´s New Nightmare (1994) and Scream (1996)

What Lies Beneath 2001
A review of ´What Lies Beneath´, a Hitchcock style ghost story, starring Michelle Pfeiffer and Harrison Ford.

What makes a film scary
What makes a film terrify you? Make you leave the lights on when you go to sleep? And what's the difference between a true horror film and a shocker? I take a look...

Why do people watch horror?
Having been asked many times what sort of individual watches horror in a derogatory tone, I take a look into some of the reasons many fans watch horror movies, both on a psychological level and visceral level. Not to mention just for the thrill of being scared.

Women in the horror genre
Second part of a look at how women are shown and portrayed in the horror genre, looking at 'Halloween', 'Teeth', and others.

Women Portrayed In Horror
A look at how women are portrayed in the horror genre, from the negative to the positive. Also, a look at positive horror heroines and the explotation of women in slasher horror.

Women portrayed in the horror genre
The third instalment of how women are portrayed in the horror genre. This time looking at Regan from ‘The Exorcist’, Nancy from 'A Nightmare on Elm Street', Sarah Conner from the 'Terminator' movies and Ripley from 'Alien.'

Women's Studies Movie Review
A review of the indie horror movie ´Women´s Studies´about an all female feminist cult.

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