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High Dietary Folate May Help You Conceive Faster
Having super high levels of dietary and supplementary folate may increase egg fertilization rates significantly according to a 2012 study

High Fat Diets May Harm Sperm Count
A diet high in fat - especially saturated fat - may lower sperm counts and concentration according to a 2012 study.

High Fiber Diets May Promote Anovulation
Diets high in fiber - especially fruit fiber - can lower estrogen and promote anovulation in some women. If you are anovulatory your diet may benefit from a fiber check.

High Homocysteine Drops Fertility And IVF Success
Having higher levels of homocysteine can adversely affect fertility and may increase miscarriage rates. You may want to ask for this test before TTC.

High Meat Intake Linked To Endometriosis
Endometriosis may be more likely to be a problem if you consume a lot of red meat; increasing omega-3 fats and decreasing - or avoiding - red meats and pork may make a huge difference to your endometriosis related infertility.

High Prolactin? Could You Have Celiac Disease?
High prolactin levels? Check that celiac disease is not triggering infertility and miscarriages. High prolactin may indicate celiac disease

Higher Folate Levels Linked to IVF Success
Higher intakes of natural folate - not folic acid - may help IVF succeed

Higher Protein Lower Carb Diets May Help Fertility
A small study has shown that increasing dietary protein and restricting carbohydrates may boost IVF success

Hops And Anovulatory Infertility
Hops have a potent estrogenic effect - more so that soy - and are reputed to be able to restore spontaneous menstrual cycles which may help anovulatory women.

Hormone Treatment Combats Clomid Side-Effects
Clomid can adversely affect the uterus lining making implantation difficult. A simple hormone treatment may help the uterus lining to become more receptive.

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