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Iron May Help Ovulatory Infertiltiy
Ensuring that iron levels are adequate may be a powerful way to resolve ovulatory infertility and restart ovulation naturally

Is BPA-Free Plastic A Fertility Hazard?
BPA-Free plastic may be a hazard to your fertility and baby-to-be.

Is Sunscreen Zapping Male Fertility?
Chemicals in sunscreen may reduce male fertility. Learn how to choose a safe sunscreen.

Is Wi-Fi Hazardous To Sperm?
A 2011 study has raised concern that exposure to Wi-Fi may lower sperm motility and increase DNA damage.

Is Your Body Baby Friendly Book Review
The essential guide to immunologic causes and treatments of unexplained infertility, recurrent pregnancy loss and IVF failure. An extremely readable and highly informative must read for infertility patients.

IUI More Successful With Strict Thyroid Care
Strict thyroid care may help IUI to be more successful.

IUI Success Helped By Uterine Scratch Procedure
Uterine scratch biopsy improves the chances of pregnancy with IUI

IVF can quickly trigger thyroid problems
Undergoing ovarian hyper stimulation can quickly trigger hidden thyroid problems in women who are being treated for hypothyroidism

IVF Failure? Hysteroscopy May Help.
When IVF fails, hysteroscopy may diagnose hidden uterine abnormalities which are preventing implantation

IVF May Be Needed After Chlamydia
Women with a past history of Chlamydia are less likely to conceive naturally and may need IVF. Getting tested for past or present Chlamydia antibodies may help you to understand your risks of hidden tubal disease.

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