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60 Quick Knits for Beginners Review
The latest entry in the 60 Quick Knit series showcases basic knits with maximum punch. Advanced knitters will appreciate this collection as well as beginners.

A Primer on Yarn Sizes
Yarn is spun from a fiber’s original shape; as such, it can be made into a number of different sizes that affect the look of the finished product. Here's a primer for newbies and a review for veteran knitters!

A Few Good Reasons to Knit Socks
Why would anyone knit an item that costs only a few dollars at Target? Well, knitters have good reasons!

Adapting Knitting Patterns
Knitters are an intelligent and resourceful lot, and it’s possible to re-size most patterns. A number of different techniques can be used to do this; here are a few of them.

Advanced Keyhole Scarf Techniques
Here are some ideas for creating unique keyholes for those shorter scarves.

Afghan Knit from Stash Yarn Recipe
Here's a fun way to use up your stash!

Alasdair Post-Quinn, Double Knitting Designer
Probably the most adventurous colorwork technique, double-knitting scares many of us. Alasdair Post-Quinn, however, has embraced it -- and has created a legacy of patterns that challenge and enthrall color enthusiasts.

Andean Knitting
Pre-Columbian or Conquistador origin? Whichever is true, the region is home to a respected and rich tradition of fiber, weaving, spinning, and knitting.

Ann Budd, Designer and Teacher
As one of the designers responsible for the rise of the Interweave empire, Ann Budd truly is a force of nature. Haven't knitted one of her patterns yet? There's plenty to choose from.

April-June Holiday Knits
Knit something small to celebrate the changing of the seasons.

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