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Christmas At Sea Knitting Charity
The Seaman's Church Institute is a long-established charity organization that provides knitted items to mariners in need of warmth and comfort.

Common Decreases for the Newcomer
Newcomers need to practice decreasing to be able to follow patterns with shaped knitting. Here are some of the most common decreases

Common Increases for the Newcomer
Newcomers need to learn how to increase. Here are some of the most common ways to do this!

Cowichan Sweaters
Thick, warm, and pleasantly woolly, the Cowichan sweater was originally designed by members of this Coast Salish tribe. Enjoy this summary of the design's origins.

Creating a Swatch Notebook
If you make swatches, don't throw them away. Create a record of your knitting process that you can use for future projects!

Darn Good Yarn
Looking for Earth-friendly materials? Darn Good Yarn is a great company.

Detangling Yarn
Tangles aren't tragic. Here's how to avoid them, but also how to handle them when they inadvertently occur.

Double Seed Stitch Cowl
When that special yarn speaks to you, try this recipe to make an elegant accessory.

Elizabeth Zimmerman
Born Elizabeth Lloyd-Jones in 1910, “EZ”, as she was known, would grow up to revolutionize the then-homely craft of knitting. Her legacy lives on today. Get to know her work!

Entrelac Knitting
New Year, new challenges! Have you tried the entrelac technique yet?

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