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Look as Beautiful as You Are
To honor Mothers Day I proffer the argument that women not only deserve to take three seconds to look our best, but that the time and effort we spend to look nice, even a tad "hot," separate fom our role as "mommy," is pleasing to our Heavenly Father and just may be in our kids' best interest too.

A Christ-Centered Easter - Book Review
Janet and Joe Hales provide a wonderful system for refocusing Easter on Jesus Christ. This is a great resource for anybody whose tummies and souls are stuffed by one too many hollow bunnies and stale marshmallow chicks covered in plastic grass.

A Tribute to Eve (And My Own Mother Too!)
It is too easy to underestimate Mother Eve...and our own earthly mothers. All women who become mothers travel a path that echoes her journey. Let's reexamine their choices and our own.

An Alternative to New Year's Resolutions
Resolved: Rather than making New Year's resolutions...try the INCREMENTAL REVOLUTION. Taking a cue from Alma 37:6, "By small and simple means are great things brought to pass," This system helps create lasting life changes.

An LDS Member's Response to HBO's Big Love
The upcoming episode that depicts an endowment session has many of us outraged. Here is why we need not fear.

Best Holiday Turkey
Does turkey scare you? Take a peek at how I bested the feathered beast after a few years of domestic fiddling. Brined and buttered, this guy'll earn his yearly spot on your table.

Book of Mormon Seek and Ye Shall Find - Review
Here's a great picture puzzle book for little ones that provides Book of Mormon imagery as the scenery for hidden objects. A good "quiet book" option.

Brown Angels - Book Review
Brown Angels is a poigniant, captivating collection of antique photography that captures the universal state of human being found in the faces of children long ago.

Camp-Ins and Living Room Passport Suggestions
Suggestions for creative, maybe even educational,family bonding at home. An alternative to packing up and driving all day for a weekend getaway.

Camp-Ins and Other Living Room Passport Activities
Looking for cheap, imaginative, maybe even educational, family fun and bonding? Use your living room and internet, transform your home and create an alternative to the expense and inconvenience of traveling with young children.

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