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Chicken Lasagna Recipe
Cheesy and gooey like lasagna should be, this recipe mixes it up a bit with chicken and a white sauce rather than the standard red.

Christmas Ornaments Tell Our Family's Story
Ragged, handmade, or chipped and fading--our old Christmas tree ornaments, used year after year, create a tradition of far more worth than a new, fancy-schmancy color-coordinated tree each year ever could. Add meaning to the Christmas season: keep your ornaments' stories--and they'll tell yours!

Christmas Miracle Without Money
No other day is quite like Christmas, no other holiday quite so special. With all our good wishes and great intentions, sometimes we just can't give our kids exactly what we'd like. Here is hope for those years when there is no money for gifts under the tree…when maybe there's not even a tree.

Cranium Hullabaloo - Product Review
Cranium Hullabaloo is a family game for ages 4+. It is a fast-paced physical activity that is easy to understand and fun to play. Bottom Line: For what it is it's good, but it may not be worth $25.

Create Family Traditions
Building on our family's quirks and habits creates cherished traditions that strengthen each family member.

Create Thanksgiving Memories and Meaning
Picking up Where "The Meaning of Thanksgiving" leaves off, here are some suggestions for creating meaningful and memorable Thanksgiving traditions.

Creating Healthy Family Relationships in Adulthood
Sometimes it feels like we are the only ones whose families aren't perfect. Strained relationships and past hurts make it hard to stay connected. Forgiveness and realistic expectations will allow us to honor Father in Heaven and participate in our childhood families more healthily.

Creative Cooking With Kids
Tips for helping kids participate in and enjoy cooking for the family.

Discerning Promptings From the Spirit
The "still small voice" sometimes seems so still and small it is easy to miss. If we are living faithfully there is every reason to have confidence in our ability to understand the answers to prayers and guidance from the Holy Ghost.

Don't Let Resolutions Trip You Up
Sooo easy to make, inevitably broken. Our goals don't have to collapse into dust just because New Year's Resolutions do!

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