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Easter and the Cross : A Mormon Perspective
Why don't we hold up the cross as a symbol of our faith? Is Easter as significant to us as it is to the rest of Christianity?

Easter Articles
The best LDS Families Easter content! Easter Book Reviews, Suggestions for Celebrating, Doctrinal Discussions on Easter Gospel Topics & More! Brand new articles, favorites from last year & a few from guest authors, too.

Eve And the Choice Made In Eden - Book Review
Beverly Campbell's book eloquently and lovingly unravels the false image we have of Mother Eve and the Fall. She provides new understanding of these events, reclaiming Eve's damaged reputation, and giving joyful insight into the role and worth of all women.

Eyelike Opposites - Book Review
Not your average book of opposites! Gorgeous photography and unique categories make this a treat.

Family Home Evening
Family Home Evening is a program that can assist in bringing closeness to a family if done on a regular basis.

Father's Day Articles
Here you'll find Dads honored LDS Families Site-style. Ruminations on what makes a great dad (or what makes Dad great), discussions on fatherhood in the scriptures, suggestions for items that might make Father's Day more than just a tie-fest, and more. New content will be added throughout June!

FHE : Family Unity and Teamwork
Facing disharmony, disrespect, and disobedience in the home? This lesson and activity will help kick the 'dis'!

FHE on DVD - Product Review
An entire FHE lesson on DVD, complete with interaction, gospel discussion, and The Spirit? No prepping, planning, stressing, or weeping? No gnashing of teeth? I think I've found it.

Following Promptings From the Spirit
Much like the prophet Lehi, we are sometimes instructed by the Lord to go down a path that seems strange to others. Learning to obey these instructions is critical to righteous living and spiritual growth.

For God So Loved the World - Book Review
This multicultural board book celebrates our Savior's gifts to the world.

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