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Free Summer Activities For Kids!
Free movies, bowling, craft classes, summer reading, and more!

Free Trainers - Website/Service Review
This site is a great resource for finding the shape we may have lost, gettin' stronger and hotter, and, well, meeting our other fitness goals too!

Froggie Went A-Courtin' - Book Review
Sooo many children's books are just like all the others, and so not worth buying. Here are four unique and excellent options that I believe will add depth and breadth to your children's library.

Get the Most From Kid's Resale
If you can't be uber-savvy at least be a little smart! Children's Consignment shops offer a great resource for growing, thrifty families, but a bargain is only a bargain if ya don't need something else more! Here are my four laws for coming out as Queen of the Jungle rather than the Lion's Lunch

Get the Most Out of Conference - Teens and Adults
Second in the "Get the Most of GC" Series focuses on helping the big people n the family suck all the juicy parts off of "conference weekend's" bones! Even with tots in the home, it is possible to help our young women and men grow their testimonies, and sneak in a little edification ourselves, too!

Get the Most Out of General Conference
October 3-4 2009 is General Conference. Prepare in advance, just a smidge, to help each family member get the most of the experience

Get the Most Out of General Conference - Children
Hey, want to experience a General Conference weekend with full familial participation, maintaining both your testiony AND your sanity? Here's the third and final article in the General Conference series.

Heavenly Parenting On Earth
All of life is a learning experience. One of the lessons I've learned since becoming a mother is a pleasant surprise--that as much as I love my children, Heavenly Father loves them (and me) even more!

Help Kids Remain Chaste
How do we fight the assumption that "kids will be kids" and experiment with sex in their teen years? Does teaching abstinence work in the world we live in?

Helping Children Learn From Death in the Family
When a loved one dies we have an opportunity and obligation to help our children learn to understand death and how it fits in with God's perfect and benevolent plan for us all.

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