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Noodleboro Picnic Game - Review
The Noodleboro Picnic Basket game to teach manners by Playskool is a disappointment, unless your children are younger than the recommended age. Save your money and get a "please" and "thank you" chart.

Parenting : Consequences v Punishment
To teach our children to make wise choices in adolesence, do we "punish" them or allow them to experience "natural consequences" of their actions? Can mercy forestall justice? Does forgiveness repair all damage?

Parenting : See the Joy Instead of the Chaos
Sometimes it's easy to become more focused on keeping life neat and orderly than on allowing our kids to be kids. We forget that those things that take us out of our way aren't beside the point; they ARE the point!

Peanut Butter Cookies
This recipe has become my favorite cookie. No flour means the peanut butter flavor is strong (and makes it friendly for those who are in a conflict with gluten), and will fill tummies and satisfy tastebuds of cookie lovers everywhere!

Personal Revelation - Supporting One Another
Faith in the Lord and a resolve to follow the promptings of the Spirit may lead us down some paths that seem crazy to friends and loved ones. Finding ways to support and encourage one another will help strengthen all of our testimonies and help us all find our way to our eternal home with Father.

Post Easter Soup
Use the ingredients from Easter supper to make a delicious, healthful soup.

Post Thanksgiving Soup - Turkey Chili
"Tanksgiving-ed" out by November 28? Here's a yummy, fun use for your extra feasty odds and ends that doesn't taste like turkey dinner warmed over!

Raising Ladybugs (For Fun!)
Think all captive ladybugs are doomed to suffocate or starve in jars? They don't have to! Caring for these helpful buggies can be a fun family activity in the Spring and Summer.

Recipe For 'Fancy Fruit Quesadillas'
Filled with peaches and cream cheese, this sweet, easy dish is a lovely brunch addition or light dessert.

Recipe For Cranberry Sauce
Cranberry sauce from scratch is so easy and delicious, you'll wonder why you've never ried it before!

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