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Meditate at Dawn or Dusk?
The changing of night into day and day into night are transition times.

A String and a Prayer - Book Review
Eleanor Wiley and Maggie Oman Shannon explain how to make and use prayer beads.

Anger Robs Today's Happiness
Anger invades our natural peacefulness, an unsettling visitor.

Basic Chanting Meditation
How to enjoy the benefits.

Bedtime Meditation
Meditation time with a period for reflection.

Being Conscious in Marriage
Serve the higher good in each other.

Centering Technique
Maintain peace of mind.

Chakra Mantras - Book Review
Rare teachings come to life through the practice of chakra mantras.

Choose a Meditation Method
A very easy meditation to start out with is following your breath.

Combining Prayer and Meditation
Prayer for the beginning of meditation session.

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