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GPS Monitoring of Offenders
Global Positioning System also known as GPS which uses satellite technology to locate you when you use a GPS in your car to navigate around town is also used to monitor sex offender. Sounds high tech right? Wrong. GPS may provide only a false sense of security.

Grooming Behaviors of Predators
Once again, a pedophile uses a God syndrome, in order to place blame on the innocent young girl’s he has violated. The ultimate atrocity is when an adult uses God to gain compliance for sexually abusing a young child.

Grooming Techniques of Predators
When a pedophile takes special care to facilitate a trusting relationship with a child and or the child’s parents, he or she is in the act of grooming. The meticulous grooming pattern begins with a pedophile identifying his or her next victim.

Hailey Owens Springfield Missouri
This is Hailey Owens story based on how I learned what happened over night to this little girl. May she rest in peace.

Halloween and State Offender Laws
Missouri has a new law this Halloween requiring registered sex offenders to stay inside between 5 p.m. and 10:30 p.m., turn off house outside lights, and post a sign on their door stating they are not giving out candy.

Halloween Safety and Offender Laws
Halloween is a perfect time for a sex offender to try and lure a child or teenager away into the dark. New laws do not even allow convicted sex offenders pass out candy during the festivities. Find out how to keep children safe on Halloween from convicted and registered sex offenders.

Halloween Safety for Children
The laws vary for sex offenders across the nation regarding what the sex offender is or is not allowed to do on Halloween. Parents need to know where the sex offenders live in their neighborhood. Talk to children about being safe now, do not wait for Halloween.

Halloween Safety for Kids
Do you know where offenders live in your neighborhood? Check out the national registry and know before you go out on Halloween which houses to avoid.

Have You Seen Me?
The campaign is titled “Have you seen me?" and is delivered to every mailbox across America weekly containing a picture of a missing child. Do you look at those pictures or simply toss the coupon mailer in the recycle bin?

He is a Child Molester
There are ways we convince ourselves that our loved one could never hurt a child. Instead we tell ourselves lies to prove to ourselves he could not be sexual predator. After all, how could we NOT know someone we love sexually abuses children?

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