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Human Trafficking - Exploiting Children as Slaves
It is the year 2009, and many people simply do not want to believe that young women can be coerced, tricked, or forced from their home land to be sold as sex slaves in the US and Mexico.

Human Trafficking in America
When you think of human trafficking what comes to mind…a poor underdeveloped third world country? You may be surprised to learn that America is the number one country for human trafficking. Learn how you can help stop modern slavery.

Husband Abuses Children in Wife's Home Daycare
A Ste. Genevieve County Sheriff’s detective questioned William Huck. In a shocking and unexpected move, Huck waived his right to an attorney and confessed to twelve sexual meetings with the boy. Huck told police he may have abused in the upwards of forty children over the last thirty years.

I Wish (In Search of the Missing Children)
“I Wish (In Search of the Missing Children)” is a music video created by a group of young artists who used their individual God given talents to create a new tool to help bring home missing children. Find out how it all began.

I Wish No Child was Missing
I wish there was no need for a website with the words missing, exploited, and children written in the same line.

Identifying Human Trafficking Victims
Learn the warning signs of human trafficking and the commercial sex trade industry. Human trafficking is happening all across americe. Learn how you can help stop slavery in America.

If Your Child is Missing
What should you do if your child goes missing? Authorities recommend parents or caregivers search the home and surrounding area briefly and if you feel your child is not there then contact authorities.

Infant Abductions in the USA
In the USA over twenty years there were 288 infants taken from healthcare settings and homes. How does this happen and how can it be prevented? Find out in this article.

Is it Real or is it Virtual?
Most people agree that child pornography crosses the line, especially when it comes to harming a child, for another’s sexual pleasure. What was surprising was to realize that on the World Wide Web exists both virtual pornography and virtual child pornography, which is legal.

Jane Doe Teenager Identified - Yesenia Becerra Nungaray
For three years and eight months, Jane Doe had no name, no identity, and no personal history. Her story began May 1, 2003 behind a local diner, among tall weeds.

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