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Amber Hagerman Amber Alert
The Amber Alert system is a nationwide program honoring 9 year old Amber Hagerman. Amber was kidnapped and murdered in Arlington Texas in 1996. Find out how Amber alerts can save a child's life.

Angie Housman/Cassidy Senter Murders
It is because of Angie and Cassidy, two beautiful angels, that I am committed to helping Missing and Exploited Children. Those two little girls gave me the strength and courage to apply for this website. I have thought about Angie and Cassidy everyday since my daughter was born in December of 1993.

Angie Marie Housman Cold Case
Fourteen years ago, while walking home from her bus stop she disappeared, that was November 18, 1993. Fourteen years ago, she was in fourth grade, and aspiring to grow up and be a nurse's aide. Fourteen years later her killer is still out there.

Angie Marie Housman Murder Case
On November 18, 1993, someone took nine-year-old Angie away from her family, her friends, and her home in Saint Ann Missouri. At the end of the school day,she stepped off her bus and disappeared only eight houses from her home.

Angie Marie Housman Unsolved Murder
Sixteen years ago Angie Marie Housman vanished after stepping off of her school bus. She was just four blocks from home. Angie Housman disappeared on November 18, 1993 and was found November 27. She was tied to a tree and left to die from exposure.

Anthony E. Mann Fights Georgia's Offender Law
After his conviction, the Mann’s wanted to be sure that Anthony would not be violating the sex offender law’s in Georgia, carefully researching the location of their home. Recently, law enforcement told him he would have to move as his home and business were both within 1,000 ft. of a day care.

Are You a Missing or Abducted Child?
Steve Carter recently discovered he was Marx Panama Moriarty Barnes an infant reported missing in 1977 after his biological mother Charlotte Moriarty walked away with him. His search sparked by a CNN story about Carlina White discovered she was abducted as an infant in 1987 from a Harlem hospital.

Ariel Castro Plea Life Sentence Plus 1000 Years
Ariel Castro wishing to avoid the death penalty took a plea for the 900 plus charges filed against him by the State of Ohio. His sentence life in prison, plus 1000 years.

Ariel Castro Suicides in Prison
The news that broke earlier this week was stunning to say the least. Ariel Castro the Cleveland kidnapper of Michelle Knight, Georgina DeJesus, and Amanda Berry took his life in prison.

Avoiding Lures From Strangers
A lure are words that strangers use in an attempt to attract a child’s attention and trust by making a promise or offering the child something. This reward entices a child to go with him or to do what they ask. Learn how to prevent your child being lured by strangers.

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