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Saint Louis Crisis Nursery
The Saint Louis Crisis Nursery can help parents facing a crisis, illness, or other stressful situation. Please do not leave young children alone with a new boyfriend. Instead find reliable community services that may be able to provide a safe environment.

Sam Shelton Confession Tape Released by Judge
Today Saint Clair County, Illinois, Judge Milton Wharton released the taped police confession of a twenty-six year old teacher who had a relationship with a seventeen- year old student. The teacher, Samson R. Shelton, will go on trial later this year for the attempted murder of Ashley Reeves.

Samuel Burnett Sentenced Sixty Years
Circuit Judge Melvyn Wiesman asked the now 8 year old on September 25 to think about what she felt would be appropriate for her attacker to receive as punishment, and to write him a letter. She did. She asked, “That he go away for 60 years…because when he gets out he won't hurt any other person.”

School Activities and Responsible Parenting
Homecoming is this weekend. The Homecoming Dance always signals fall has arrived. This year my daughter is a freshman in high school and attending the dance. How do we allo children to fly, yet keep them safe. Read and find out what one mom handles this time.

School Bus Stop Safety
Children stand at school bus stops early in the morning often before some adults head to work. Do your children know what to do if approached by a strange?

School Emergency Contact Forms - Safety Tips in Filling Out Paperwork
The start of a new school year means alot of paper work for mom and dad. On the emergency contact forms make sure you list who can and who cannot have access to your child.

School Policy Regarding Parent Offenders
Many schools mandate all volunteers, including parents, and all employees have to submit to a background check prior to any contact with students. However, just as many schools do not require this back ground check. How schools deal with parents who are registered sex offenders varies greatly.

School Safety for Students
One of the most important safety tips a parent can implement to protect a child headed into a new school year is NEVER write a child’s name on the outside of a shirt, jacket, backpack, or lunch box. Keep your child safe from a child molester.

Scott Allen Kleeschulte
June 8, 1988 is the day nine year old Scott Allen Kleeschulte disappeared from Saint Charles, Missouri. Today he would be 34, and there is renewed hope that Peggy and Richard Kleeschulte may finally learn what happened to their youngest son. A man incarcerated in Florida claims he has information.

Searching for Missing Children
When a child disappears, unless there is direct evidence to show a child was abducted, the search must include any area a child may be able to crawl, or wiggle into and as an area is searched the areas checked should be marked with a bright colored X. Learn what to do if your child is missing.

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