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Sex Trafficking & Major Sporting Events
sex trafficking during major sporting events has been happening for awhile. Yet, it is a group of strippers working to educate the public on how to recognize a victim and help them escape the commercial sex trade.

Sexting and Teens and New Laws
Teens are sexting everyday in school, at home, on their jobs. The problem with sexting is that most high school students are under 18 and sexting is causing major issues for both, sender and receiver. The reason sexting is causing such chaos is it is illegal.

Sexting Teens Felony Charges
The name of the new game is sexting and it is where teens send sexually explicit photos of themselves on the computer by email or over the cell phone waves in a text message. This hot new topic is causing grief for teens of all ages.

Sextortion is the art of blackmailing someone for sex acts. If you have a web cam you may be at risk for someone to "peek" into your private life and later use that information against you. Teens are expecially at risk. Learn how to protect you online live.

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE)
If you have been sexually assaulted then you likely know what a SANE nurse does. If not, then read on to find out what happens.

Sexual Texting or Sexting
Before sending photos by cell phone or email to friends one should consider carefully what might happen to that picture if the relationship ends on a bad note or if the picture falls into the wrong hands. Sextual texting is ruining lives. Find out how.

Sheriff Gary Toelke - Missouri's Miracle and All Star Sheriff
Missouri’s Miracle is the instinct of one Franklin County Sheriff Gary Toelke. He is three for three when it comes to finding missing children. The Sheriff’s confidence in his department is obvious. He knows he has a good team; the obviously is a good leader.

Sherman Burkett - Missouri's Youngest Adult Inmate
He was 13, she was six, and they were neighbors in the Saint Louis County Neighborhood the lived in. Something happened November 11, 2005 that changed both their lives forever. That night Sherman Burkett kidnapped his six-year-old neighbor from in front of her home.

Signs of Sexual Abuse or Red Flags
There are plenty of red flags or signs that occur when a child is being sexually abused by someone they know. Parents need to learn what those red flags are and take action when they see several red flags in a relationship their child is involved in.

Snapchat, Smart Phones and Teens
Teens are finding out the commonly used Snapchat app to send and receive scantily clothed pictures to friends online may actually leave the teen with indecent exposures accessible online. The app which originally claimed to erase naked or half naked selfies is perhaps not able to do all it claims.

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