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Social Media Changing Life and Death
Electronic technology is advancing daily and changing the way we communicate with family and friends and not necessarily in a positive way. Learn how to properly post in crisis situations and how to stay safe online.

Social Networking Guidelines for Teens
How safe are you online? Even if you do not provide personal information on your profile your best friend may be giving away your safety by attaching to your social networking page. Find out how to keep yourself and your friends safe in cyberspace.

Somer Renee Thompson Case
Somer Thompson was seven years old when she disappeared on Monday October 19, and she was walking home from her elementary school. Somer Thompson had just finished another day of second grade when she vanished...into thin air. Do you know what happened to Somer Thompson?

SSN Solves Richard Landers Missing Child Cold Case
Over 200,000 children are abducted by family every year. Learn how a SSN solves a missing child cold case locating 24 year old Richard Landers who was abducted by his paternal grandparents in 1994.

Stalking defined is a repeat pattern of unwanted attention. Stalking is a crime that affects over one million people each year. Every year approximately one million women and 400,000 men are victims of stalking. Do you know how to stay safe?

Stalking and Cyber-stalking
In its most basic definition, stalking is a repetitive pattern of unwanted attention.

Staying Safe While Vacationing
Summer is a time of fun. A time when families plan to take vacation time together, usually away from home, and in unfamiliar territory. So how can families vacation safely? Read my article to find out.

Stranger Dangers
Children face many dangerous situations including strangers, which represent possible kidnappers, abductors, sex offenders, and present red flags in the world of keeping children safe. Here are some ideas to teach kids how to protect themselves from strangers.

Stranger Safety - Child Lures Predators Use
As soon as children are able to understand what a stranger is, parents need to begin educating children about strangers. The first most important idea to teach a child is to never go anywhere without first telling mom or dad.

Summer Home Safety
Spring is here! Since the warmer weather has arrived, everyone is getting outside to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. This is a good time to review some basic safety guidelines with our families.

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