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Summer Safety and Emergency Planning
Summer is here. Learn to stay safe at home and away from home. Do you have an emergency plan and have you practiced what to do?

Summer Safety Tips
Summer is not a time to fear, but the time to review your family safety guidelines, and to make any necessary changes to accommodate a new season.

Summer Safety Tips for 2012
Is your family ready for a safe summer? Learn what you can do to keep everyone organized and safe during the summer time.

Teach Children How to Say No
From an early age, parents teach children to respect authority, as well as their elders. Yet by teaching children to respect authority and elders, unequivocally, and without question, is in reality setting up a child for exploitation. Teach children to say "No!"

Teach Children to Say No
Children need help in recognizing a potentially unsafe situation. Many children are not cognizant of the world happening around them.

Technology Keeping Kids Safe
Have you ever lost a child who was too young to know his or her name or phone number? Yet with technology evolving a digital camera or cell phone camera may be one of the best lines of defense to help your child if he or she is separated from you. Learn how this works.

Teen Alert and Parental Supervision
Just when you begin to relax as a parent, you realize that there is no resting point. Last week my almost 15 year old decided to take the dog for a walk. This is nothing new in our home, except she failed to come home in a timely manner.

Teen Party Safety Plan
Teens think they are invincible and may not recognize the dangers of being sexually assaulted at a party. Date rape drugs are dangerous and can be easily slipped into any beverage. Learn what to teach your teen before he or she goes out partying.

Teen Safety at Parties
Young men and women must be especially careful when they go out to parties, or social gatherings. Here are some safety guidelines to help keep every teen safe when out on the town.

Teen Safety When Partying
Does your teen know how to stay safe when partying? Read my article and learn how to keep your teen safe in peer pressure situations.

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