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Teens and Electronic Ettiquette
Teenagers hang out at malls, chat on the phone, text their friends the latest news on their cell phone, and surf the web. Some teens create a MySpace or Face Book page, which allows them yet another way to socialize with peers. So how do we teach them proper electronic ettiquette?

Teens and Internet Laws
She is just 14, living in the north east, a typical teenager by many standards, yet soon the law may required her to register as a sex offender. At fourteen, you may wonder what she could have done to do face a lifetime as a registered sex offender. Many teens are doing the same thing, is your teen?

Teens Using Web Cams
Web cam teens are teenagers who undress or perform solo sex acts in front of their web cam. They perform for countless people in chat rooms and even around the world, for a price.

Teens Using Web Cams
Does your teen use a web cam online? Is it possible your teen is a webcam teen? Webcam teens make money by undressing in front of their computers. Most webcam teens are from middle and upper class homes. Is your teen a webcam teen?

Ten and Twelve Year Old Girls Kidnap Baby
A baby taken from his crib, as his mother sleeps nearby. A ransom note telling the mother not to contact the police if she wants to see her son again. The note demands $200,000 in ransom left on the sofa that night, with the promise of returning baby unharmed. The note signed by “the kidnappers.”

Texting and Driving
Distracted teen drivers pose a danger to anyone on the road and last year the UK made a real-life video showing the VERY real dangers of Texting while Driving. Should your teen see the video?

The Amber Alert
When a child disappears and police believe the child is in immediate danger or was kidnapped an Amber Alert is issued. Do you know the story of how the Amber Alert was born?

The Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act
In a bittersweet ceremony, John and Reve Walsh stood with the President of the United States in the Rose Garden at the White House on the 25th Anniversary of the disappearance of their son Adam Walsh. Read on to find out why the couple was there.

The Child Victim Identification Program (CVIP)
Have you seen a child being exploited? Do you know what to do if you suspect a child is part of a child trafficking ring? Read this article to learn how to help and report cases to the NCMEC.

The Choking Game - A Modern Day Adolescent Russian Roulette
The game called the choking game, involves an adolescent stopping the supply of oxygenated blood to their brain for short periods. The reason it provides a rush or feeling of a high without using any illegal drugs.

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