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The Dangers of Personalizing Items
Do you personalize items? Does your SUV have the family icons on the rear-view window with each family members name displayed below? Have you considered how personalizing jewelry, backpacks or cars can place your family at risk? Read this article and learn how to keep everyone safe.

The Dangers of the Family Car
Children playing in and around cars is a disaster waiting to happen. If a child goes missing always check inside the family car and car trunk when searching. teach children how to escape from the trunk of the family car, in case he or she ever becomes trapped.

The Dangers of Unsecured Internet Connections
Does your child know how to access an unsecured internet connection in your home or neighborhood? Find out by reading this article.

The Disappearance of Shawn Hornbeck Leads to the Shawn Hornbeck Foundation
Shawn Damian Hornbeck should have been home by five. When he was not home by six his family went looking for him, and at eight Pam called the police. On that Sunday afternoon October 6, 2002, it seemed as if he disappeared without a trace.

The Dru Sjodin Story
Dru’s Law, a law that requires convicted sex offender to register on the national Internet database, and failing to register may mean a return to prison.

The Exploitation of Children
The exploitation of children includes child pornography. Child pornography in its simplest terms is sexually explicit pictures of children. Sexually explicit pictures that get a pedophile excited, can be as a child playing in his or her bath at an early age.

The FBI's Endangered Child Alert Program
The FBI's Endangered Child Alert Program uses images found on the internet to try and identify unknown men who may have information or may be exploiting a child online. Please see if you can identify any of the FBI's John Does. You may save a child's life.

The Kidnapping of Baby Abby
Seven day old Abby Woods was kidnapped from her home in Lonedell Missouri at gunpoint. A homemade Welcome Home Abby sign in the front yard may have played a part in Abby's kidnapping. What do you think?

The Matthew Cecchi Public Safety Act
Family restrooms, or unisex restrooms, not only assist parents with small children in providing a safe environment during times of travel and outings, they also provide disabled families a way to assist an opposite sexed family member who may be unable to toilet completely independently.

The Newest Tool of Child Predators - Cellphones
Cell phones are what most parents will buy a child in order to feel that their child is safe. Cell phones have become a pedophiles new tool to groom a child for a meeting. A parent may never realize a sex offender is contacting their child for a physical meeting until it is too late. Find out why.

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