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The Predator Drugs, Rohypnol, GBH, and Ketamine
Many substances can render one incapable of resisting a sexual assault, including drugs like marijuana, ecstasy, alcohol, and even over the counter sleep and allergy medicines like Benadryl. Yet, even more powerful, are drugs known as date rape drugs.

The Secrets of Skidmore Missouri
Lisa Montgomery confessed to strangling Bobbi Jo Stinnett, and then cutting her unborn baby girl from her mother’s womb.

Tina Isa America's Honor Killing
Honor killings take place mostly in third world countries, although in November of 1989, Saint Louis gained National attention in what became one of the most publicized honor killings in the world.

To Catch a Predator
Watch Dateline's To Catch a Predator series to know what lurks in cyberspace and learn how to protect your children from sexual predators.

Toddler Taken Hostage at Wal-Mart
A two year old is taken hostage in a Midwest City Oklahoma Wal-mart store and the entire situation is captured on surveillance video. Learn what happened and how to protect your family.

Travel Safely with Children
Keep in mind that when traveling safety must remain a top priority. Safety is the key for fun in the summer sun whether at home or abroad. Now is a good time to establish or review basic safety rules for the family.

Two-way Radios Powerful Safety Devices
Although cell phones are a wonderful convenience in reality they take time to turn on and use in an emergency. Safely kept in a pocket or purse how does one manage to get it out and dial for help quickly. Two-way radios might be a safer option than a cell phone for younger children.

Unsolved Child Murder Saint Louis 1983
In 1983 a little black girl was found murdered in Saint Louis. Today, her identity and the details surrounding her mirder remain a mystery. Can you help identify the Saint Louis Jane Doe from 1983?

Verifying Information Online
Do you verify email and electronic media information for accuracy or do you accept what is provided on the internet as the implicit truth? Read my article to see why it is now more important than ever to verify before forwarding false information.

Violent Crimes Against Children Program
Children face the possibility of violent crimes every day, at home, school, and online. The FBI has created a new program targeting "Violent Crimes Against Children" in order to educate and help parents, and law enforcement to learn how to protect them.

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