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Wayne Albert Bleyle - The Modern Day Bogey Man
How many snowflakes fall in a New York snow storm? That is how many patients Respiratory Therapist Wayne Albert Bleyle has eluded to molesting. Bleyle violated the personal boundaries of unconscious, comatose and paralyzed children, by sexually molesting, touching and photographing the children.

What Age Can Children Stay Home Alone
The magic question many parents ponder, at what age is it ok to allow a child to stay-at-home alone for short periods.

What Age Can Children Stay Home Alone
Parents often ask when is it safe to let a child stay home alone? When out in public at what age do you allow children to use a public restroom alone? Read the article to learn more.

What is in a Name
Everyone likes to have thier items identified by name but what about wearing personalized outsifts, backpacks or jewelry?

What is the CyberTipLine?
The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) provides a CyberTipLine for people to report a missing child or suspected child exploitation. Learn how to help a child in being hurt or exploited.

Who is Your Child Talking to Online Friends
Most of us know our child’s best friend, boyfriend or girlfriend, and their archenemy. How many know our child’s online friends? As parents, many of us are naïve when it comes to our child’s online friendships. The internet affords us some anonymity. Who is he or she talking to online?

Why I Write about Missing & Exploited Children
Writing about missing and abducted children is hard to do. Yet, there is a reason I write as BellaOnline's Missing and Exploited Children Editor.

William Thomas Wilburn Repeat Sex Offender
This time he hurt a young teen. This is his second sexual assault...that police are aware of currently. Do you know William Thomas Wilburn from Missouri? If you do the police need your help.

Would You Help a Missing Child?
A surprising study done by the channel six news team in Florida showed that perhaps people do look for and recognize missing, lost or abducted children, yet if they recognize a child they are unsure what to do next.

Yard Sign Dangers
Colorful storks, signs, and balloons, are a way for a new parent to announce the arrival of a new baby. Yet such public displays could be placing a baby and family at risk. The FBI confirmed a homemade welcome home sign did play a role in Baby Abby’s abduction. Why yard signs maybe dangerous?

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