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Criminal Analysis
Criminal profiling of violent criminals is a technique that FBI agent John Douglas pioneered. Today, the FBI does not use the term profiling, replacing it with the term criminal analysis. Learn how criminal analysis helps find abducted children.

Criminal Analysis of Violent Crimes
The objective of a criminal analysis, learn who the criminal is and how he (or she) works. By determining certain facts about the subject, law enforcement can eliminate suspects that may not fit the profile. How does it work?

Cyber-harassment, Cyber-bullies, and Cyber-suicide
In the end, an adult led each girl to believe she was talking to a boy her own age. In the end, both girls were deceived by adults who knew what they were doing, harassing a minor over the internet, pretending to be someone they were not, and in the end two beautiful young girls were dead.

Dangers Lurking in Your Child's Closet
Initially it sounds like a wonderful idea, a child's backpack with the child’s name printed boldly on the outside of the backpack. Yet, if you do put your child's name on his or her backpack, you maybe placing your child into the hands of danger.

Dangers of Abuse of Authority
Parents teach children from an early age to listen to adults, and to respect adults, especially those who represent authority figures. By teaching children to respect authority and elders, unequivocally, and without question, is in reality setting up a child for exploitation.

Dangers of GPS Systems
GPS systems almost all have a home button, which gives step-by-step directions to home. Now imagine your GPS in the hands of thieves who hit the home button, only this time thieves got step-to-step directions to your unattended home. Have you considered how this feature can endanger your family?

Date Rape Drugs
Many substances can render one incapable of resisting a sexual assault, including drugs like marijuana, ecstasy, alcohol, and even over the counter sleep and allergy medicines like Benadryl. So how do you stay safe when at a bar or party?

Dating Violence in Teens
Teens are often the victims of dating violence. Sadly, many teens are unprepared for a violent situation and often do not know how to respond when someone becomes violent in a relationship. Find out how to protect your teen.

David J. Stevens Arrested Child Rescued
A young child is safe and a child predator has been found and arrested this week in Salinas California. Learn more about how the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement's (ICE) Homeland Security Investigations (HSI), the Salinas PD, and a public informer worked together to solve this case.

Dean Arthur Schwartzmiller - America's Most Prolific Child Molester
Dean Arthur Schwartzmiller is perhaps the most prolific child molester ever. Seven multicolor spirals bound notebooks, written in a loopy cursive handwriting records over 36,000 names, mostly boys, he has molested over thirty years.

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