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Etan Patz
Etan Patz is one of the first children to bring strong focus to the cause of missing children, and the search for Etan Patzs never stopped, due mostly to the dedication of Etan’s father, Stanley Patz. Do you know anything about this missing child?

Etan Patz America's Milk Carton Missing Child
Are authorities close to solving the disappearance of Etan Patz? Learn how new developments in forensic science may help determine what happened to the six year old boy who disappeared from Manhattan's SOHO district May 25, 1979.

Many sex offenders who will abuse a child are either a well-known family friend or a direct relative of the victim. This means the offender is someone the child already knows and trusts and NOT a stranger hiding in the bushes. So how do you keep your child safe?

Exploited by Gangs America's Forgotten Children
Children are recruited in to gangs as early as age 7 or 8, and the gang quickly becomes a child's home. The gang is always there for the child, and once in a gang, it becomes a lifetime commitment. There is usually one way out, only one way, in a wooden box.

Facebook Family Reunion
One social networking source has reunited a mother with her 2 children taken 15 years previous. Find out more.

Family Emergency Evacuation Plan
Our family was caught of guard travelling with our small children when the hotel kitchen caught fire and we were forced to evacuate the hotel.

Finding My Missing Child
Do you know what to do if you look up and your child is no longer in your in your sight? here is a safety plan to help locate a missing child.

Firework Safety Preventing Burns
Every year children are at risk of burns and traumatic injuries when exposed to personal fireworks set off at home or in their community. Learn how to prevent injuries and burns and to celebrate summer safely.

Forensic Artists Help Missing Children
The process of age-enhancing a photograph can work miracles for a missing or abducted child. Read my article to find out how the process works.

Garden of Innocents Buries Precious Hope
The Garden of Innocents is a non-profit organization that ensures all baby's and children are buried with respect, kindness, and love. Precious Hope is one of those children provided a loving, light filled ceremony filled with her Saint Louis family.

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