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Cheaper Alternatives Ingredients In Mericloning
Producing orchid mericlones can be a costly affair. Mainly because many ingredients used in the technique are quite expensive. Agar-agar, a major ingredient, is one such expensive compound. However, tissue culturists have come up with a number of cheaper alternatives to it, some of these are listed

Control Orchid Pests and Diseases Natrually
It was Earth day on 22nd April. So, here is an article on natural ways of getting orchids rid of pests and insects.

Controlling MealyBugs on Orchid
It is now mealybugs turning up to trouble me and my plants. Some of you could be facing the same problem. Let me help you on how to get rid of these persistent pests.

Controlling Summer Pests of Orchids
Summer is the season of growth for many orchids ... and most of the pests too. It is helpful to know about the damage caused by these pests and their effective control. Read on to know more.

Controlling the Flowering in Orchids
The flowering in orchids can be manipulated. They can be made to flower or the flowering can be inhibited by a number of factors. Read on to know more.

Crows - Friends or Foes of Orchids
Are crows foes or friends of orchids? I found them to be the pests of worst kind, being the most difficult to get rid off!

Cultivation And Use Of Azolla
Azolla is easy to cultivate and it multiplies very quickly under right conditions. Check out its method of cultivation and use.

Dendrobium Farmeri - Farmer's Dendrobium
Dendrobium farmeri has beautiful and sometimes scented flowers. The stems, also called canes, is uniquely shaped.

Different Growth Media for Orchids
When growing orchids, what kind of material is best for the orchids to grow in? Though there are many different options available in the market, you can still try out new materials, keeping in mind the basic requirements of orchids.

Diversity and Our Lovely Orchids
Orchids are very fascinating in their are array of flowers, but do you know that orchids show a huge diversity in their other physical features, in their growth habits as well as in the environmental conditions.

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