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Ideal Plants to Grow
Orchids are ideal plants to grow for hobbyists and commercial growers, read on to know more on this.

Identifying Orchids
Wild orchids are found growing every where. How do you identify whether the plant in your backyard or on your trekking route is an orchid? Read this article to find out how to identify a wild orchid.

Joining an Orchid Society
Your orchids are facing a pest attack and the nursery from where you bought your orchid does not help you much. What would you do now?

Luisia Trichoriza - Hairy Root Orchid
Luisia trichorhiza is a unique looking epiphytic orchid. It has small but beautiful flowers.

Making Name Labels For Orchids
Putting name labels on orchids is as important as providing good growing substrate. It is repotting time for many orchids, so keep new labels handy for use on the new pots. Read on to get some ideas about making name labels for orchids.

Making Your Own Fertilizer
Have you tried making fertilizers yourself? Believe me, it is not difficult.

Medicinal Uses of Orchids
Apart from beauty, orchids have number of other uses. Most of these uses are known to the local people. Fortunately, this knowledge is now being documented. Here is a list of some orchids which are used as medicine and in some cases as food.

Methods of Orchid Multiplication
The orchids we possess can be multiplied by different ways. What are these?

More Gift Making Ideas
Here are more ideas on making gifts using orchids.

Most Popular Orchids
Many orchids have become favourites of hobbyists and growers both, and therefore are in high demand.

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