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Orchids- Book Review
Orchids – Structure, History and Culture is a classic book and was written in 1886 by Lewis Castle. A coffee table type of book that provides some quite useful information.

Other growth requirements for Epiphytic orchids
What does your orchid really need? Apart from water, what are the other requirements needed by the orchids? Check out these to know how you in grow healthy orchids.

Panisea Uniflora
Panisea uniflora is a beautiful miniature orchid with long lasting translucent flowers.

Papilionanthe teres - The Butterfly Orchid
Papilionanthe teres is also known as the 'Butterfly orchid' because of it large and beautiful flowers. These flowers are long lasting and can be used commercially as cut flowers.

Pest Control in Orchids
Orchids have pests and diseases like any other plant. Are you looking for easy and cheap ways to get rid of pests? Do you know...

Photographing the Orchids
Orchid photography is a fascination hobby. I learnt it bit by bit as I went along collecting my orchids. What is your take on it?

Pollinating The Orchid Flowers
Pollination in orchid flowers occurs by natural pollinators or manually. Check out 'how to' of both types of pollination.

Post Flowering Care Of Orchids
The orchid had flowered....... what to do with the orchid now? Read on to know more about 'post-flowering' care of the orchids.

Pots For Orchids
Orchids have special requirements, so choose your pots carefully. Keep the needs of orchids in mind when buying pots for orchids.

Rains, Humidity And Orchids
Orchids dying despite high humidity. What could be the cause?

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