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“We’re Not Dead”!
The second in a series of articles describing a series of dreams/Astral projections that may helped to access the 'afterlife'

Herbs and Magick
The first in a series of articles about how to grow, use, and attune to herbs and their energies for enhancing life and spiritual practice

How to Make and Use Four Thieves Vinegar
Learn how to concoct this useful spellcraft tool, and some of it's uses. First of two articles

Intuition & Working with the Otherworld
Learn the underlying priciples of using your intuitive skills to contact the energies of the Otherworld

Magick and Mental Health - Complexes
Learn some of the ways mental health issues can present in magickal work, and how to best deal with them safely

Plants and Prosperity
Learn how to release the powers in particular plants through fire and water to enhance your chances at attaining needed wealth

Rose, the flower of love and protection
Learn about the magickal properties of roses, the lore behind it, and their uses in health enhancing potions

Urban Shamanism- Working With Celestial Energies
Learn how to harness Celestial Energies for use in Urban Shamanism. Along with an example of how they were engaged to cause effects on the Earth Plane.

Urban Survival  
Learn some of the basic survival techniques for emergencies when you may be stranded in the city with little or no immediate resources.

A Guide to Stealth camping
Learn the skills of stealth camping which enable you to create a closer bond with nature.

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