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Origins of the Werewolf
Learn about the origins of the Werewolf in Western culture from its Norse and Classical Greek roots.

Overcoming Inner Blockages to Magickal Success
Improve your spellcasting and overall practice of Paganism by overcoming mental blocks and expanding your area of acquisition.

Pagan Life Humour
The time King Arthur nearly cast a circle incorrectly in the biggest solar compass in England

Pagan Potions
Recipes for curative potions from days gone by

Pagan Travelling
Learn how to prepare to travel safely as a Pagan

Paganism and Self Development
Learn how Paganism can be used to help in your self-development on the psychological and spiritual levels.

Pendulum Dowsing and ‘Remote Viewing’
Learn further techniques of dowsing that include how to encourage it into remote viewing

Personal experience of using Aikido
How I used the martial art of Aikido for self defence

Physical Causes of Seeing Auras
Seeing auras is frequently mentioned in Pagan and New Age Circles these days. While there is good evidence that this is possible, there are also a range of physical plane reasons why this can happen. In the first of series of articles on seeing an using the Aura we explore the most common ones.

Poltergeists Fake and Fact
Learn some of the theories behind what Poltergeists are, and how one of the most famous hauntings of the last century was actually a fake.

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