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The Four Levels of Magick in Action
After learning about the four levels of magick, this is how they are actually used to prepare effective spells

The Four Levels of Magick: Part 1
The first part of an article on how to engage the energies of physical 'props', mental magick, emotions, and Divinity to increase your spellcasting success

The Health Visitor and the Living Altar
A Health Visitors encounter with an apparent living altar.

The Importance of Keeping a Journal
Discussing the important part a Journal or Book of Shadows can play in your personal developement as a Pagan

The Magickal Voice
Learn how to empower your voice to enhance your magickal skills and influence others more effectively.

The Otherworld, the Supernatural, and Fairies
Learn about some of the little known facets of the Otherworld, its' denizens, and possible UFO connections.

The Pagan Newsletter is Back
Return of the Pagan Newsletter after an absence

The Pentagram in modern Paganism
Some of the meanings of the pentagram in modern Paganism

The Rule of Three
The origins of the "Rule of Threefold return"

The Voodoo Pantheon
Learn about the basics of the Voodoo Pantheon and some of the Loa within it

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