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Working In A Pagan Shop- Events and Festivals
Some ofthe ways the Pagan shop I used to help out at affected the local area. Last in series. Next week - Wealth spells for the New Year.

Working in a Pagan Shop- The Shop
The second in a series about working in a Pagan shop. Learn about the background of the owner, and the growth of the shop

Working with Evoked Beings- Necromancy
Learn about the history, and modern day practice of the ancient magickal art of working with the 'mortality impaired' AKA the spirits of the dead.

Working With Fictional Archetypes
Learn how to tap into and use fictional archetypes to achieve real-world results and construct the building blocks for higher plane magick in a safe and practical manner.

Working with Ghosts
Learn about the different types of ghosts and how to work with them

Working With Other Spiritual Paths
Learn how to get along better with other Spiritual Paths, illustrated with some personal experiences.

Working with Several Pantheons
Some basic principles for working with more than one Pagan pantheon

Working With The Voodoo Pantheon
Learn more about the structure of the Voodoo pantheon and how followers work with it

Workplace Magick For Success
Learn some simple spells to enhance your progress in your career and be regarded in a more positive light in the workplace;

Workplace Magick- Protection Techniques
Learn basic techniques for protection at work from negative people and energies

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