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A Personal Visit to the Afterlife?
The first in a series of articles relating possible visits to the 'Land of the Dead' to see my Dad after he had died.

A Practical Property Exorcism
“Good afternoon. I’m from the safety service and I’m here to pick up our equipment.". Not a line most people think of as part of an exorcism, but surprisingly effective nonetheless under the right conditions. To learn what these are read this latest article.

A Short History of the Runes
A bite-sized overview of the history of the Runes

American Embassy Adventure conclusion
The second and final part of my use of invisibility and unnoticability techniques at the American Embassy in 1989 to find the location of the Tokyo Ninja Dojo

American Voodoo
Learn how Voodoo is practised in the USA and its influence on other apporaches to spritiuaity

Amulets and Talismans
A brief overview of Amulets and Talismans

An Example of Practical Invisibilty
Learn how I used the techniques in the previous articles to make myself invisible from pursuers.

Basic Bushcraft: Navigation
Some basic direction finding techniques to avoid becoming lost in the countryside

Basic Health and Safety for Outdoor Rituals
Safety tips for outdoor rituals

Basil, The Herb Of Love, Money, and Protection
Learn about the uses of the herb basil for magickal help in love, protection, and prosperity

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