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Evocation- A practical example.
A description of a evocation of a spirit or astral entity for a particular purpose. The first in a series about working with external entities including Faririe, Spirits, and Daemons

Excerpt from “The Wizards’ Way to Wealth”
Learn how to turn your home into a wealth talisman. An excerpt from Ian's book "The Wizard's Way to Wealth".

Existential Paganism
The important place of Existential Paganism in the Magickal and Spiritual worldview

Four Thieves Vinegar Spells and Preparations
Learn the deeper mysteries of how the types of Four Thieves Vinegar works, and how to construct your own spells using this spell as a template.

Further Into The Astral Afterlife
Meeting my Dad after he had moved further into the Astral plane post-mortem, and how he later came to a Spiritualist demonstration I was at.

Further Workings with Candle Magick
Learn other techniques of candle magick not usually taught outside established covens.

Glamour and the Aura
Learn how to charge your Aura with Glamourious energy and how glamourie has been used traditionally in illusions.

Harmonising With Other Spiritual Paths
Learn how to harmonise with other spiritual paths and some ideas of how to explain your own

Helping a Frightened Nature Spirit
Ian's experience of helping a displaced Nature Spirit by exorcising it. Less 'Bell, Book, and Candle, and more 'Empathy, Kettle Cord, and Drain.'

Herb Magick- Yarrow
Learn how yarrow was used in magick and medicine by our cultural ancestors

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