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Herbal Magick- Lavender
Learn how to use Lavender in magick and potions.

Herbs and Other Decorations for a Beltane Altar
Decorations for a Beltane Altar, and their meanings

Herbs and Poppet Magick
Learn how herbs are used in doll magick to help bring wealth and other magickal benefits

Herbs in Magick – Willow
The history of willow in practical healthcare and magick

Herbs in magick- Releasing the energies in herbs
Learn the principles in releasing the energies in herbs for empowering spells and rituals

Herbs in Magick- Rosemary
Learn how to harness the magical energies of rosemary to enhance your life.

How to Contact the ‘Other Side’ Safely
Learn the correct precautions to take to contact the 'other side' safely and effectively.

Hypnotic Trance and its Uses
Learn about the history of hypnosis and the trance state

Iga Ninja Museum
"The spell had been written in blood, and I didn't know if it was that, or how I knew that, which disturbed me the most." Ian's visit to the Ninja Museum helps him connect with the world of Ninja magick.

Improving your spellcasting success
Learn how to improve your magick to get the results you want

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