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Quilting with Computers - eBooks
eBooks are the new technology to obtain published works, download onto your computer and have available at the touch of a button.

Quilting with Green
Here's some tips for quilting with the color green.

Quilting with mens Neck Ties
Mens Ties come and go in fashion, but they are always extremely useful when making stunning quilts.

Quilting with the color Orange
Orange is a difficult color to quilt with for some. Here's some low down on using the color orange in your creations.

Quilting with the Color Red
Quilting using the color red can sometimes be very daunting, and often requires a leap of faith. Here's some information to help you come to terms with red in your quilting.

Quilting with Yellow
Quilting with the color yellow - it can be your friend.

Quilting Workshops - A Students Perspective
We all have expectations when attending quilting workshops. We hope to learn heaps and have an enjoyable experience. How can be ensure that this happens? Both Tutors and Students have expectations. What are they?

Quilting Workshops - A Tutors Perspective.
What are the expectations of quilting teachers on their students to achieve a succcessful experience in learning. How can you as a student get the biggest "bang for your buck" in the sphere of learning the art of quilting?

Quilts for Boys - free Quilt and Block Patterns
Here's a selection of free quilt and block patterns that are suitable to make quilts for boys. Check back regularly, as more will be linked as they come to hand.

Quilts for Charity - How do they help?
How does making quilts for people in need in the community actually help them? Are we better off just donating cash? Do quilts really make a difference?

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